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Venue: DNKL Tibetan Buddhist Center for Universal Peace, Redding, CT
Teacher: Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa
Translator: Venerable Tashi

If you are not able to attend this class in person, view it live online during the teaching via Ustream!
This class will be broadcast live (see below).

We encourage you to pay for a membership to Ustream for $3.99/month: sign up to watch the broadcasts without ads. Then, you will need to login and watch on the UStream website to see the class ad-free after paying for your membership.

Live stream by Ustream

If you are watching online, and have questions for Rinpoche, please send an email to info@dnkldharma.org and we will ask him to answer them during class if there is enough time.

To watch video recordings of some of Rinpoche's past classes, visit Ustream website to see the classes on Mind Training of Patience or The Wheel of Sharp Weapons.


In keeping with Buddhist tradition, all Dharma classes at DNKL are free. However, it takes real money to keep the Center operating from day to day. Your tax-deductible contributions to DNKL are always welcome.

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