Nyungne Purification Practice Retreat

From June 03, 5:00 am until June 05, 8:00 am
Participants must have taken Buddhist Refuge vows


The Nyungne practice is considered to be the most powerful form of purification. Doing a single retreat purifies the negativity of forty thousand eons. If you complete the practice, you will never be born in the lower realms. And as a human, you will have spiritual realizations and will not suffer from illness or be harmed by evil spirits.

During Nyungne practice:

  • Physical fasting purifies the negative karma associated with actions of the body (killing, stealing, and sexual misconduct), and overcomes obscurations of the body; 
  • Abstaining from speech and remaining in silence purifies the negative karmic actions of speech (lying, divisive speech, harsh words, and idle talk), and purifies the obscurations of speech; and
  •  One-pointed concentration purifies the negative karmic actions of mind (greed, angry and harmful thoughts, wrong view) and purifies the obscurations of the mind.

The retreat has been designed specifically for Western practitioners. In addition to making offerings to Chenrezig, the retreat includes time for mantra recitation as well as meditation on mindfulness and on bodhichitta. While the sadhana is recited in Tibetan you can follow along with the provided English translation so you can understand the meaning of the recitations. Key passages will also be recited in English.

Daily Schedule:

Days 1 and 2: 5:00am until 7:00pm and Day 3: 5:00am until 8:00am


Participants must have taken Buddhist Refuge vows
Attendance for the whole weekend is mandatory

[Optional] If possible, participants should have taken the 1,000 Armed Chenrezig empowerment. You are welcome to participate in the retreat if you have not. Geshe-la will give special instructions for those who have not received the empowerment.

Suggested donation:

DNKL is dedicated to providing pure and authentic teachings of the Buddha in a beautiful, rural setting. According to our tradition, Dharma teachings are always free.

We rely entirely on donations to pay our expenses and remain in operation. Please consider donating as little as $50 for the weekend to cover expenses and copies of the prayers we will provide.