In-Depth Study of the Five Buddha Families

From September 03, 10:00 am until September 04, 12:00 pm
To attend this teaching you must have received Tantric Vows. Please reach out to Geshe Dhargey if you have any questions on the requirements to attend.


In the Tibetan Gelugpa school of Buddhism, the concept of the Five Buddha Families, also known as the Five Buddha Wisdoms or Five Dhyani Buddhas, plays a significant role. These Five Buddha Families are considered to be fundamental archetypal energies or aspects of enlightenment. Each family is associated with a specific Buddha, color, element, and certain psychological and emotional characteristics. These families help practitioners understand and transform their own mental and emotional states to progress on the path to enlightenment.

The Five Buddha Families are:

The Buddha Family:  Vairocana
- “One Who Completely Manifests”,
- Holds eight spoked wheel
- Primordial awareness of the dharmadhatu,
- Ignorance is completely eliminated,
- Basis/origin for all other enlightened activities
(+ all extraordinary activities + all buddha families)

The Vajra Family:  Akshobya

  • “Unshakable One”,
  • Holds Vajra,
  • Mirror-like primordial awareness,
  • Anger is completely purified,
  • Pacifying enlightened activity

The Ratna Family: Ratnasambhava

- “Source of Preciousness”,
- Holds jewel,
- Primordial awareness of equality,
- Pride is completely purified,
- Increasing enlightened activity

The Padma Family: Amitabha

  • “Infinite Light”,
  • Hold lotus,
  • Discriminating primordial awareness
  • Desirous attachment is completely purified,
  • Empowering enlightened activity

The Karma Family: Amoghasiddhi

- “One Who Accomplishes What is Meaningful”,
- Holds double vajra,
- Primordial awareness that accomplishes all actions,
- Jealousy is completely purified,
- Wrathful enlightened activity

Each of the Five Buddha Families is associated with a specific color, direction, symbol, and enlightened activity. They are not seen as separate entities but as different expressions of the enlightened mind. Practitioners work with these Buddha Families to purify and transform their negative emotions and habitual patterns, ultimately realizing the wisdom and compassion inherent in their true nature.

NOTE:  To attend this teaching you must have received Tantric Vows.  Please reach out to Geshe Dhargey if you have any questions on the requirements to attend.  

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