Entanglement, Emptiness and Enlightenment

From February 26, 10:00 am until 11:30 am

Entanglement, Emptiness, and Enlightenment
Discovering Ultimate Compassion and the Interconnectedness of All Things

Most of us think of compassion as an act of love or kindness toward others, as in doing some action in the outer world motivated by wanting to help someone other than ourselves.

Well, that may be partially true in the sense that it is an act and as it is for the benefit of others, it is good, wholesome, loving and indeed compassionate.

Still, what is compassion really? What is its source? How does it exist in us? How is it developed? How is it deployed? How is it experienced by ourselves and others? Why does it matter whether we are compassionate or not? What difference does it make?

In Entanglement, Emptiness, and Enlightenment, we discover, scientifically, philosophically, and experientially the literal interconnectedness of all things and how everything we think, say, and do, affects all other things in existence, and why it matters.

Further, through exploration of the specific concepts of entanglement (as described in quantum physics) and emptiness (as a core experience in Buddhism), we are better able to understand what the state of enlightenment might be and why ultimate compassion is an essential aspect not only of this state of being but also how it applies to our everyday lives.

Entanglement, Emptiness, and Enlightenment is presented by John Cerullo.
John has studied and practiced Buddhism for over 40 years, including Zen Buddhism with Philip Kapleau and Tibetan Buddhism with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, His Holiness the Sakya Trichen, and currently with Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa and Geshe Lobsang Dhargey. Additionally, he holds certification in the Asian Classics Institute’s 18 Foundation Courses series which is a seven-year formal study program, that parallels the same core information taught at Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. John also has in-depth formal training in Yoga texts, including Master Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Yogi Svatmarama’s Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Professionally, John is in the book publishing business, publishing books on performing arts, Buddhism, and Yoga.

Primary Course Text:
The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality, by His Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama

Secondary Related Texts:
Nagarjuna’s Seventy Stanzas: A Buddhist Psychology of Emptiness, by David Ross Komito

Additional Non-essential (to this course) Texts:

Tibetan Buddhist and Science Specific Text:
The Tibetan Book of the Undivided Universe: David Bohm's Quantum Philosophy of Wholeness in the Light of Buddhist Metaphysics, by Graham Smetham - Paperback – November 5, 2020,

Tibetan Buddhism & Modern Physics: A Quantum Mechanical Challenge Toward a Union of Love and Knowledge, by Vic Mansfield - Paperback,– January 1, 2011

Other Texts on Buddhism and Science:
Quantum Buddhism: Dancing in Emptiness - Reality Revealed at the Interface of Quantum Physics and Buddhist Philosophy, by Graham Smetham - Paperback – November 25, 2010;

Quantum Path to Enlightenment – Paperback, by Graham Smetham – April 20, 2017

The Grand Designer: Discovering the Quantum Mind Matrix of the Universe, by Graham Smetham - Paperback – April 5, 2011

Quantum Buddhist Wonders of the Universe, by Graham Smetham - Paperback – July 4, 2012

Quantum Buddhism and the Higgs Discovery: The Power of Emptiness, by Graham Smetham -Paperback – January 29, 2013

The Quantum Self, by Danah Zoh – Paperback – May 24, 1991

The Quantum and the Lotus: A Journey to the Frontiers Where Science and Buddhism Meet, by Matthew Ricard and Trink Xuan Thuan - Paperback – October 26, 2004

The Buddha and the Quantum: Hearing the Voice of Every Cell, by Samuel Avery – Paperback – March 16, 2011

Non-essential (to this course) Related Video Lectures
Tibetan Buddhism and Science Specific:

A Dialogue Between Quantum Physics and Arya Nagarjuna’s Philosophy of Emptiness
A Dialogue Between Quantum Physics and Arya Nagarjuna's ...
YouTube, Tibet House, Cultural Centre of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, New Delhi
2 hours, 24 minutes, 30 seconds
Dec 11, 2021

Prof. B. Alan Wallace talks on “Mind, Emptiness and Quantum ...
YouTube, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
1 hour, 53 minutes, 3 seconds
Dec 8, 2017

Video Lectures
Other Videos on Buddhism and Science Specific:

8 Buddhism & Science - Quantum Mechanics and ...
YouTube, Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh
15 minutes, 9 seconds
May 2, 2018

Quantum Physics, The Dharma, And The Nature Of Reality

The Nature of Reality - Theory of Relativity, Quantum Science and Buddhist Thought 1/2

Buddhism & Quantum Physics - Jnanavaca

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