Zen & The Art of Seeing: Photography As Meditation (Rain date October 28)

From October 14, 2017 10:00 am until 3:00 pm


Have you ever looked at the veins in the petal of a flower? Gazed upon the beauty of the reflections of trees and their branches on a stream behind a parking lot? Noticed the beauty of the dance of Light upon snow melt as it flows down the street? How many colors can you name that you’ve seen glistening like sparks on the snow in your backyard?  When we slow down and look, really Look, we are gifted with “New Eyes” with which to experience the Beauty of Nature at a level that most people don’t take the time to notice.

Using the Camera as a Meditative Tool, we expand our Connection to the Divine. The process itself is largely the Purpose. The Images you create become a Bonus & an inspirational reminder of the value of slowing down to see.  This largely experiential workshop includes Theory, Guided Meditation, and Practice in the Field & is suitable for all levels of Photography experience.

Participants must bring their own Lunch, Camera, (DSLR, Point & Shoot, and SmartPhones are permitted) & portable chair or matt to sit on outside.
Class Size Limited to 12 Participants & Pre-Registration is required.  (*Fee is payable to Instructor upon arrival at class). 
Elisabeth J Levy is a Professional Photographer & Mindfulness Instructor based in Bethel, CT. She may be reached through her website at www.ejLphoto.com

(Photo Credit:  Elisabeth Levy)