First the Bottom Falls Out: Experiential Yoga

From February 03, 10:00 am until 12:00 pm


In these two sessions, we'll explore experiential yoga, a path for deepening our engagement with Buddhist teachings, freeing ourselves from conceptuality and emotion, and fostering dialogue.

Jan 27 - Nobody Home: Hermes and the Burning House - We start with a disorientation, opening ourselves to Buddhist teachings that seem to contradict each other. We'll see what tools have been used in the Buddhist world and in the West to find the wisdom in these teachings.

Feb. 3 - A Key in the Lock: Interpreting Texts and Experience - We'll focus on several insights and meditations that apply what we've learned to everyday experience, religious, and esoteric Buddhist practice. We'll see what hermeneutics has in common with Tantra and Mahamudra. We'll explore how interpretation can create reality, as taught in esoteric Buddhism and quantum physics.

About David:

Columbia University, Adjunct Ass't Prof. of Religion
Harlem Clemente Humanities, Founder & Course Director
Tibetan Classics Translators Guild of NY, President

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