Six Session Guru Yoga Retreat

Six Session Guru Yoga Retreat

From September 03, 10:00 am until September 04, 3:00 pm

At DNKL or Zoom

Geshe Dhargey


Guru Yoga means the “yoga that finds our Guru” and is the practice where we merge our mind with the wisdom mind of our root Guru and Yidam who we see as one Being. The Guru Yoga of Lama Tsongkhapa is focused on the Guru – an outer Guru and our Yidam who is Lama Tsongkhapa, and through his practice, we find our inner Guru. The Guru Yoga of Lama Tsongkhapa is also known as the Gaden Lhagyama (Tibetan), which is translated into English as The Hundreds of Deities of the Joyful Land.

The Guru Yoga of Lama Tsongkhapa is such a short, profound and concise practice but is very deep and has vast, innumerable benefits. These are a few of the great benefits that we can achieve from this great practice of Lama Tsongkhapa.

There are many types of Guru Yoga but this is the best Guru Yoga we can do because Lama Tsongkhapa appears to us in the form of a Lama. When you visualize Lama Tsongkhapa as inseparable from your Guru and you recite his mantra, in actuality, you are reciting the mantra of your Guru. So therefore the benefits of reciting the Guru Yoga practice is very, very powerful excellent.

The Guru Yogais a very complete practice. The five preliminary practices that practitioners should do before engaging in higher teachings and practices include a minimal 100,000 each of Vajrasattva mantras, prostrations, mandala offerings, water bowl offerings and recitation of the Guru Yoga. Doing Lama Tsongkhapa’s Guru Yoga fulfils one of the five preliminary practices.

To attend this teaching you must have received higher yoga initation.  Please reach out to Geshe Dhargey if you have any questions on the requirements to attend.  

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