Chittamani Initiation and Teaching

Chittamani Initiation and Teaching

From May 27, 10:00 am until May 31, 4:00 pm


Guymed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa

Those attending must have taken a Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment previously and agree to a daily practice commitment


Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa will bestow the complete empowerment of Chittamani Tara, a highest yoga tanta practice.
Translation into English will be most kindly offered by Artemis B. Engle, Ph.D. Optional evening discussions will be offered to complement the teachings.
Attendees must have previously taken an empowerment at the level of highest yoga tantra and honor a daily lifelong practice commitment, starting after the empowerment.
Day 1:  Chittamani Initiation (10:00 - 3:30 w/ Lunch)
Day 2-5:  Teaching on Chittamani Sadhna (10:00 - 3:30 w/ Lunch)
Note:  The end time may vary based on Rinpoche's descretion so please plan accordingly.
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