One Day Meditation Retreat: Sweetness of the Space of the Mind

From December 16, 2017 10:00 am until 3:00 pm
All levels welcome


This day long immersion will inspire ease and relaxation in our practice. We will work with deeply relaxing and letting go of struggle, while working gently with the body, breath and mind. We will play with the mind as an object of meditation—as we uncover it’s innate spaciousness and clarity. As we continually befriend the mind, we glimpse past it’s endless chatter into a sense of emptiness, the fleeting cloud like nature of it’s appearances (thought, image, feeling, conception). Releasing grasping and aversion to experience, being really really patient with our process, we will explore different tools and objects to use in our daily practice.

Ani Jangsem brings this play-shop to DNKL as an offering to her Teachers and Sangha, as a way for us to gather and explore practice together. She wants to be clear that while she is not the greatest of meditators, she has a passion for seeking out the teachings, particularly of Mahamudra. Inspired by Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche’s ten day Mahamudra course and five years of study with the teachings of B Alan Wallace (with whom she has done several retreats, including two month shamata retreats), she would like to offer what she has found helpful.

Ani-la will also be present for a number of the Weds meditation nights, while Geshehla is in India and is willing to explore offering this day long retreat again in Jan/Feb, if there is interest.

Please bring something to lie down on comfortably (a thick yoga mat would be best), a throw blanket and small pillow. We will do some meditation in the supine position as a way of exploring deep relaxation and how to work with pain in the body.


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