Special Medicine Buddha Prayer (Puja)

From December 03, 2017 10:00 am until 12:00 pm
All levels invited


In Sanskrit, ‘puja’ means ‘offerings’.  Every puja ritual is performed based on individual scriptural texts, passed down by Lord Buddha Shakyamuni and various ancient masters. Through prayer supplications and offerings, the puja ritual invokes the blessings of individual Buddhas or meditation deities.

Just as we take medicine to recover from an illness, we could participate in pujas to remove our obstacles or negative conditions along our path. There are many different pujas in Tibetan Buddhism. Merit accumulation, obstacle-clearing, demon-subduing, healing, karma purification, cleansing, wealth pujas, pujas to help invoke wisdom and compassion etc. Different effects can be achieved through performing different types of pujas.

Participating in pujas will also have a positive influence on the spread of Dharma and increases conducive conditions for a practitioner’s development on the paths to liberation and enlightenment.

"The Medicine Buddha" puja is commonly done to heal physical and mental difficulties and also to bring success, overcome obstacles, and bring good future rebirths, as well. Ultimately, its purpose is to bring about an increase in compassion and wisdom within, helping one to attain the ultimate healing of full enlightenment.

Puja's will be dedicated to all sentient beings and particularly to the well being of the center's student, family, friends and volunteers.