Practice Generosity–

The Ecology of Giving

In nature, there are interdependent cycles
of giving, receiving, and growth that yields
fruit for the benefit of all.

DNKL is dedicated to providing pure and authentic teachings of the Buddha, plus a wide assortment of programs, retreats, and events in a beautiful, rural setting.

We are very fortunate to have extremely qualified teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist Gelugpa Lineage from our sister monastery, Sera Mey, in India.

As taught by the Buddha, all DNKL classes and programs are free of charge.

Most important, these programs are offered by DNKL Teachers and others in our community, with the motivation and intend to benefit others—an on-going selfless and active practice of generosity! How beautiful and inspiring!

Through a variety of resources, both tangible and intangible, everyone has an inherent capacity for generosity. Together we continue to create the right causes and conditions for DNKL’s efforts in the dharma to flourish—bringing great benefit to all those in our local and global communities. We rely strictly on contributions from our community to support DNKL’s programs and activities, and invite everyone to give as generously as they can. DNKL thrives best on joyful reciprocity as people are moved to give of their resources, time, and skills. We are deeply grateful to each of you for your continued support.