tibetan sutraThe foundational teachings of Buddhism are found in a collection of texts known as Sutras, spoken by the Buddha himself and subsequently passed on orally through a succession of disciples on down to modern masters. From the Sutras commentaries were written by realized sages along the way to aid practitioners in developing three over arching themes found in the literature; compassion, the mind of altruism, and the wisdom that perceives reality, respectively in the order in which they’re generally realized. Developing these qualities is the path to ultimate enlightenment. Every joyful effort brings one closer to this lofty goal while bringing greater and greater peace and prosperity for yourself and those around you in the here and now and into the future.

DNKL invites you attend any Sutra class you wish, they are open to all levels. You may also listen to old Sutra recordings available in the Archive

All course are free of charge but donations are welcome and needed.