The Neuroscience and Psychology of Joy

Anahita Neurosciencewith Guest Speaker Anahita Moghaddam

Anahita Moghaddam is a coach and speaker, whose rigorous and experiential methodology is rooted in the Eastern contemplative traditions, and continuously refined under the mentorship of leading scientists, academics and scholars in the fields of Eastern psychology and neuroscience.

With an academic background in Social Anthropology and ongoing training in the field of contemplative psychotherapy, Anahita is passionate about addressing issues on a causal level to disrupt habitual patterns of behavior by challenging perception and self-reinforcing systems of belief. Much like her mentors, Anahita believes that pro-social emotions and wholesome mental states such as love, empathy, insight, collaboration and creativity will allow for the continued flourishing of life.

In this public workshop, we will examine the human condition, from the perspective of evolutionary neurobiology and contemplative psychology, and learn practical mind/body techniques for establishing insight and integration in our day to day lives.


January 23, 2016 (Workshop 10-12, Potluck Lunch following teaching)