Wish List

Wish List

There are a number of items we would love to have at DNKL that would make our home even more warm, efficient, and accommodating. If you are able to donate an item on our Wish List or if you have an item you think we may be able to use, please contact Gloria Cosgrove, Development Director, to confirm donation and arrange drop-off of items. Unfortunately, we are not able at this time to offer pick-up of items.

Items we need now!

Back Hoe/Tractor (not exactly what is needed)

• Storm windows (need sizes)

• Signs and plaques (need sizes and shapes)

Leak Proof Row Boat

Pond Fountain

Energy-Efficient Freezer

• Teak Lawn Furniture (waterproof and sturdy chairs)

• Wooden Picnic Tables (2) - here are a few links - Bed, Bath & Beyond & Lowe’s

Plastic Rake

Solar Light and Post

• Exterior Paint (need color)

• Paint Brushes/Paint Roller/Paint Tray/Extra Poles

Bird Bath

Bird Feeder (squirrel-proof)

Wheelbarrow (2)

Salt Spreader

Long-term Items

Energy-Efficient Washer & Dryer